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Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

Paint Hardener Thinners Paint mixing remain Clean pot Viscosity cup Latex gloves Stopwatch

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Mixing Stick Technique

1 Refer to the specialized data sheet supplied with the paint to establish the correct mixing ratio. Most modern two-pack systems and solvent-based metallic colors are mixed at some ratio regarding 2:1 with any compatible hardener or thinner. Drinking water-based colors are typically mixed on a ratio about 10:1 with a compatible water-based thinner.

2 Have some clean mixing pot also place a paint mixing stick through the proper ratio markings within it. The stick must relax upright towards the walls about the pot. Stir the paint to several minutes so that it is thoroughly mixed. Establish the way much paint will be required. Paint mixing sticks are marked within measurements of one-tenth of any liter consequently if you want 300ml of materials, you will want to pour in adequate paint till it reaches the number 3 on the remaining-hand side of the mixing stay.

3 Store the paint aside and remove the lid out of some tin of compatible hardener. The middle section regarding the paint mixing stick to will be marked outside with equivalent measurements to those used on the left-hand side of the stick. If you get poured to the number 3 on the left turn side, pour with enough hardener until it reaches the number 3 on the midst of the paint mixing remain.

4 Replace the lid on the hardener and carry a tin about compatible thinners. The right-hand side regarding the stay will be marked from with percentage figures in 10% increments. Most modern supplies only require 10% of compatible thinners so add enough material till it reaches the acceptable line.

5 Shop the thinners away safely and stir the paint, hardener and thinners jointly using the very same paint mixing stick. The substance may now be extra to the spray gun also used to the vehicle.

Viscosity Cup Method

1 Refer to the technical information sheet and look at the recommended viscosity times. A viscosity cup carry a standard measurement of thinned paint and the period represents the way long it should consider for thinned materials to drain through the cup. This is generally presented as range. For example, the viscosity time may be in the range of 15 to 18 seconds. Mixed Martial Arts Mixed Martial Arts News.

2 Turn on the paint by adding some quantity about hardener. Perceive the technical data sheet to establish the ratio and use any marked paint mixing stick to help you create a base material previous to the viscosity examine begins. Ensure that you have any stopwatch ready plus that the timer is arranged on zero.

3 Fully immerse the viscosity cup in the activated paint, ensuring the removable cap on the cup is in place. Wear latex gloves to cease paint taking onto the skin. Lift the viscosity cup outside about the paint also allow excess substance to drop back into the tin.

5 Read the occasion on the stopwatch. If it falls within the recommended selection, the paint is ready to make use of. If the time recorded remains underneath the recommended variety, the mixed paint is too narrow and more base color should be added. If the duration is above the recommended range, the paint is too thick plus more thinner ought to be added. Continue to carry out viscosity examines until the right times are achieved.

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