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Producing dry mixes to go to gift baskets yous a creative and thoughtful way to give a existing to friends or relatives. You may stray out of the norm within choosing the type of basket you desire. It can be anything like a cookie sheet through a spatula wrapped in colorful cellophane, any large mixing bowl or a ordinary straw basket with a colorful, cloth napkin liner. There are many different dry mixes to suit the recipient's personality, also he should be able to keep it on his pantry shelf for around three to six months if you make clear to package fresh ingredients.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need

Clean quart jar Waterless ingredients Basket Scissors Colorful fabric Colorful cloth napkin Report saucers or bowls Chips or crackers Freezer zipper-style plastic bag

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Cocoa Blend

1 Layer in a clean 1-quart jar your favorite ingredients for hot cocoa. Make confident you alternate colors of components plus different textures thus that it has vision appeal. Preserve in mind that items these kinds of as flour also sugar incline to seep inside other ingredients, so it is finest to place them on the base.

2 Lower a 9- or 1 web site-inch circle out of some colorful fabric and rest it on top of the lid. Secure it with a rubber band plus include the rubber band with ribbon.

3 Print the list of ingredients onto a recipe card with the instructions, punch some hole with some hole punch and attach it to the ribbon.

4 Add to the gift basket any collection about additional gifts similar because a coffee mug, a tiny bag of miniature marshmallows or some chocolate candy.

Chip Dip Mix

1 Blend to a freezer zipper-style bag all the waterless ingredients for your favorite dip, these kinds of as dill weed, celery salt, cumin powder or cayenne pepper.

2 Attach the recipe to the zipper freezer bag via stapling the card over the zipper closure. Be certainly to add how much buttermilk, sour cream or other perishable ingredients they may possibly need to add.

3 Add a colorful cloth napkin to your basket like a lining and add a bag of the appropriate chips or a box regarding crackers to serve with the dip.

4 Add colorful plastic or document saucers or bowls to consume the dip out of, and you will have some ideal gift basket to some housewarming or other occasion.

Tips & Warnings

Consider adding some personalized label to the jar regarding dry mix with some nice finishing touch.

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