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A cottage business has grown upward around the buying and selling of employed solar panels being long-duration buyers seek upgrades to new technologies and bargain hunters appear to inexpensive alternatives for conduct-it-you installations. There's also a vibrant damage-and-dent marketplace for aluminum-framed panels that is have been bent or otherwise damaged during shipping. Buying used goods carries with it particular caveats, but by a multimeter also minimal effort, you can test a panel before every cash alters hands.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


Solar panel Multimeter

1 Test the voltage of your panel within whole view of the sun. The angle of the panel relative to the sun will make a difference from the output you file, so lean the panel again so that is it obtains the most possible sunlight across its entire surface.

2 Remove the cover from the converter box located on the back regarding the panel.

3 Consult the owner's guide for the panel, if it is available, to see the diagram of the connections in the converter box. If that is never available, appear for the "+" and "-" signs following to the connections. They will typically be the two outermost screws with "+" on the left and "-" on the right.

4 Fixed your multimeter to DC volts in a level properly in excess of the panel's rating. For example, if the panel is rated with 22 volts, set your multimeter to "DC volts, 200." The rating should be noted on some plate or sticker right underneath the converter box.

5 Connect the red to the "+" connection and the black to the "-" link. Test the reading on your multimeter to see that it is close or equal to the rating.

6 Remove the multimeter wires from the panel and switch the setting to DC amperes, again with a level nicely in excess of the panel's rating. It is smart to turn the panel away from the sun to measure the existing as the panel is live when the sun is shining on its face. Connecting to the live junctions whilst testing the current may lead to sparking.

7 Link the multimeter to the shaded panel inside the identical way you did to measure the volts. When the connections are secure, turn the panel back to face the sun and test the reading. It's not unheard of to get some barely higher reading than the existing rating listed on the panel, so you want to see at smallest a matching number. If both the voltage and amperage test properly, you've got a beneficial panel that ought to serve you to years to come.

Suggestions & Warnings

Be wary of newer goblet panels that is have cracks or condensation under the glass. The conductivity is likely compromised, meaning you can probably depart your multimeter within your pocket.


Rainbow Power Organization: Using some Multimeter Blisstree: Movie--Testing Solar Panel Voltage and Current Other Power: Buying Used Solar Panels


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