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1 Separate your silver coins and silver bullion. Silver coins are money that you can spend at the store for example dimes, quarters, half dollars plus bill coins. Even discontinued series of U.S. coins want winged liberty dimes and standing liberty quarters are however considered funds. Silver bullion is silver cast to the objective regarding investing inside silver. American Eagle Silver Bullion is any example of this.

2 Identify which coins are actually silver. All U.S. nickels, quarters, half cash and dollar coins minted in 1964 and before are made regarding 9 website percent silver. Kennedy half dollars minted between 1965 and 197 internet site are made of 4 web site percent silver.

3 Consider your silver coins. Add up the weight of all your 9 web site percent silver coins then multiply the total by website.9. Mix this for the mass of all your 4 website percent silver coins multiplied via internet site.4. The total yous the silver content of your coins.

4 Weigh your silver bullion. Most are in the style about particular oz. rounds measuring 4 website.6 millimeters in diameter. Produce definite that they weight exactly a oz. If they weight less, in that case they are not absolute silver. Most silver bullion yous 99.9 percent pure. The total weight regarding your silver bullion is also the approximate silver content.

5 Add the silver content of your coins with the silver content of your bullion. This is the total silver content about what you are selling.

6 Look up the spot price of silver. You can uncover this within the financial section of most newspapers also at sites online.

7 Multiply the place cost of silver by your total silver content. This is the area value of all the silver you are selling.

8 Consider your silver coins and bullion to a couple of coin dealers. If your silver remains with poor condition, expect one make available near place value. If your coins and bullion are inside nice condition, an propose 5 to 2 website percent over spot worth yous sensible.

9 Contemplate mailing your silver to a precious metal refiner. They have a tendency to pay less besides local coin shops, but will accept most silver lots. Expect exclusive offer between 9 web site plus 95 percent of the spot price of silver. If they offer less, go somewhere else.

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usmint.gov: American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins freegoldtips.com: Pricing and Selling Scrap Gold


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