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Insert a Contact Lens

Inserting soft contact lenses may be annoying for new users. Merely when they consider they are done, the lens pops away because it is too waterless or inside out. In pursuing a few straightforward steps, new users will be inserting and enjoying their contact lenses just like long time contact lens wearers.


Things You'll Need

Soft contact lenses Contact lens situation Contact lens answers

1 Put together the work location. Most people insert contact lenses in the bathroom. Be certainly to operate a cleaner to sanitize the bathroom resist or conceit. Organize the lens circumstance also solutions for effortless achieve.

2 Ready oneself. Kick up lengthy sleeves. Contact lens solutions may roll lower the hands and arms. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry with any clear towel. Plan to spend a little duration. New users typically need 5 to 1 website minutes until the procedure is learned.

3 Open the contact lens case. Remove one lens using the index finger. Apply some few drops of rinsing solution. Balance the lens on the fingertip.

5 Control blinking. Bring up and handle the higher eyelid using one finger from the free hand. With the other hands, extend the index finger that holds the lens. Use the midst finger next to it to attract down the lower lid.

6 Look without delay into the contact lens. Cautiously place it on the center of the vision. For one substitute method, look upward toward the ceiling. Lightly feel the lens to the white of the vision.

7 Remove the fingertip. Gently allow go of the reduce eyelid followed by the upper lid. Nearby the eye. Count to 5. If the lens bes dry, put in a few drops of rewetting solution. Insert the other contact lens using the same procedure.

Tips & Warnings

Following inserting contact lenses, wash the circumstance and allow it air dry. By no means location some contact lens in the mouth. Don't utilize saliva or tap water to rewet some contact lens. Only use sterile saline or contact lens solutions. Never share contact lenses.


For more info on contact lens insertion and safety go to the subsequent website.

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