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The photovoltaic impact that allows one to generate electricity out of sunshine can be achieved in supplies other than silicates. This means that you do not need complicated gear to build any low wattage solar power system. By means of using copper sheets, a simple solar cell can be made in only about any kitchen and with any few ordinary elements and tools.

Trouble: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Want

Sheet metal sheers Corrosion-free copper sheeting Tongs Gas burner Plastic scraper Silvering answer Clean Pocket knife Electrical alligator clips with wiring Soldering iron

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1 Examine the copper sheeting carefully to corrosion. It must be absolutely free regarding corrosion, so that if there is any, either prevent that section or clean it (preferably with nitric acid).

2 Employ the sheet metal sheers to lower a square or rectangle away from the copper sheeting. A 6-inch by 4-inch section can provide somewhere among half a dozen and 1 website watts of power, hence expand to meet greater needs, but be aware that there is no precise way to estimate the power yield with this kind of panel.

3 Employ the gas burner to heat the sheet until it is red hot. This will variety a black oxide layer on the side of the sheet not becoming heated by the gas burner. To any major sheet, it will be necessary to do this in progressive sections.

4 Make use of a plastic scraper to remove the black oxide. Below it should be any layer of tougher red oxide. Be careful, however, to not employ a metal scraper or too much pressure, as either could damage this red oxide layer. Procure rid regarding the black stuff, yet keep the reddish-pink stuff.

5 Coat the reddish-pink oxide side regarding the sheet with silvering solution.

7 Soldering gun

8 Link to either an inverter, some charge controller or directly to a DC application, similar as any soft bulb.

9 Location the sheet in full sun. It will begin to generate electricity in a matter of seconds.


Making silvering solution

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