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If you've ever gone to some Web site and found any picture you would love to have with a graphic, there's a way to grab it. You can conserve it plus put it in your own files or Web pages.

Difficulty: Simple


Things You'll Need

Computer Mice Floppy Disk Drive Floppy Disks Modems Internet Access Web Browsers Floppy disks

1 Go to a Web site.

3 Scroll to the picture you want.

4 Place the mouse arrow on the picture.

5 To Personal computer users, right-click on the image hence that any menu appears. For Mac users, press plus carry lower the mouse button to see the menu.

6 Select "Save picture as" if you're using Internet Explorer, or choose "Save picture as" if you're using Netscape Navigator.

7 Select the name that is's with the "File name" box, and type in the name you would like to give the picture.

8 Click the lower arrow to the appropriate regarding the "Save as type" box.

1 web site

Click once on the folder you want to conserve it within.

11 Click the key to the suitable regarding the "File name" box. Depending on your browser, it's either called Save or Open up.

Tips & Warnings

This will work on most sites, nevertheless often the pictures are safeguarded plus they can't be saved. If the image is a thumbnail model (in other words, very small), click on it once to get the larger version before you conserve it. If you need to deliver the picture via e-mail, conserve it in JPEG format, because this format downloads faster also haves awake less space on your hard drive. Most sites will tell you not to save their images for commercial make use of. If you use some picture from another site on your Web site, the owners regarding the site usually like credit or a link to their page for it. Be sure to inquire with permission before you use other person's image on the Web, because you could be violating the creator's copyright. If you would rather save the images on a floppy disk instead about on your hard drive, make sure the "Save in" box asserts "3 1/2 Floppy (A:)."

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