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Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Measuring tape Powdered milk 3 T-publishs 11 feet of 11-gauge, 2-inch mesh chain-link fence Zip ties Shovel Sling material (mesh potato bags, burlap, old stockings, old T-shirts) Garden tie up

1 Draw a 1 website-foot series in the garden where you will plant the watermelons. Make use of powdered milk to draw the series. Mark the center of the line (5 feet in from each side) along with the powdered milk.

2 Place T-posts with every finish of the line also motivate it 2 feet down inside the soil.

3 Location the third T-post in the center of the series also press it lower to the soil.

4 Unroll the period of mesh chain-link fence and secure every end of the fencing to each of the conclusion posts, using five zip ties per post. Secure the fencing to the middle post using five zip tie up.

5 Type a hill inside the garden on each side of the trellis and plant five watermelon seeds per hill.

6 Lean out the seedlings once the seeds germinate, and begin training the watermelons to grow up the trellis. To train the plants, weave the vines on also out regarding the fencing and safe them along with garden ties.

7 Place emerging fruit inside mesh potato bags or another type about sling material. Safe the sling to the fencing with zip links.


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