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You carry out not need a licence to market automobiles to the public inside England or Wales. But as far as trading standards are concerned, need to obtain the relevant insurance cover and register your business for VAT purposes with Her Majesty's Revenue plus Customs (HMRC). But, if you plan to operate as any used car dealer in Scotland, you will want to apply for a Second Hand Motor Vehicle Dealer's Licence from your local authority. If you are selling to charity or purchasing cars at once out of a second turn car dealer who yet is licensed, you will be exempt from holding any licence on Scotland, too.

Trouble: Easy. Car Insurance Quotes.


Things You'll Require

Registered premises Funds Insurance protect VAT amount

1 Utilize to a Scottish Council. If you desire to sell used cars inside Scotland you can apply to be licensed through the council wherever your business is registered by downloading an application form away from thems website. You may apply to either a full licence, which starts 3 days from the date of application plus may be renewed each 3 years, or a non-renewable temporary licence which remains ordinarily valid for six weeks. At present, some total licence costs

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