They're ALL going for Mitt Romney. Hilarious. iowadebate get some today homie!!!! I'm wait-listed for a larger unit in my building so I'm looking at others in the area. Sick of living in a teeny place. They are bleeping out the words "gun" and "bullet" in Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" song on VH1. Is this new censoring? The government says it will limit research done on chimps | (via ) Have you created an account yet? I can't find you... 400 Blows + Butthole Surfers Sautrday! Free MP3 + stream ON BUDDYHEAD! Wishing all a great Sunday...getting out today on the driving range with a Royal Challenge Torpedo cigars EARLY XMAS TIP: if u wana show iur funny, get sum1 a snuggy or a shake wait!!!!! it neva gets old!!!!!!!!

Up to catch a flight to Reno! Wassup with y'all SOLDIERZ?! Cattle passport stickers to monitor TB testing in Wales badgercull To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god r u still at martin's? will be there thursday to tape What did you think of last nights season finale of The Big C? wkwkwk kuliah monski Because it's full of crazy thoughts honoured! Hi Karen! Thanks for including me in your daily! Really appreciate it. message at me any time...LL Most active today on messageChic by : InStyle? Magazine now following smile Probably the only thing worth visiting in Paris. IDontKnowLloydTheFrenchAreAssholes? Hi, sorry to hear this. Can we help you? Panama Adding a Wider Shortcut for Shipping Something about you, drives me insane ; ) SAN! FRAN! SIS! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Used to get bruises from youthful shenanigans. Today, I bruised my shoulder playing golf (backswing/follow through). iamofficiallyold WOMEN - i have lots of male friends, not one has ever drawn attention to a girl's eyelashes. jussayin WhatTheloveIsFlirtyEyelashes?

3RDST4LF "The Saint Waaaait a second here. We're supposed to fact check our messages before sending them? To hell with that! Thanks Roman! (I'm a Chicago native.) Just downloaded rich hill 500 grams,poop id Dope as love !! Drinking coconut water for the first time. Delicious, healthy... I love it ABC News: Video > Top message Winner: : Send us your messages to TopLine? by 11:30am EST. Brookfield properties? More like BrookFAILED? properties. occupyjokes Battle. Handing out awards to the heroes of Manly. What a great end to a super time speaking at Manly's ecoideasconf Thank ye kindly. smile Fired up! greatmovie Know a stellar organizer? is hiring a campaign director with 5-10 yrs exp: p2 topprog immigration Investigation Update: Outbreak of Human Salmonella Heidelberg Infections, Ground Turkey foodsafety

This is amazing! Kevin Spacey Explains social media to David Letterman you should text me -_- who knows. I have a niece and s nephew in Denver. 7 GrÃ? ¼nde, warum ein Blog scheitert: better luck next time Tattooed faced of Mugler, Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest has landed another campaignthis time by covering it all up. Welcome to our Facebook Page Jenn, Christy, and Adi! We are delighted to have you here! Species of the week fun fact: FF para ....por la información que nos ha aportado esta semana sobre el embarazo. Housing Industry Gets Good News - Sort Of - CBS via did you move? what u mean? Come to "Book Club Discussion: A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD" Thursday, June 2 from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Jennifer... Anstey and Quorn are nice places to live here in Leicester smile going through some amazing blogs. Good job, guys and girls wink teamfollowback Great, now all day at work I'm gonna be fantasizing that Purrmaids are real and I could own one as a pet. The cutest, smartest pet ever frown

The Roommate's friend (on Big Show walking to the back): "THAT's a walk of shame." hit muh fone Is it just me or does Dutch bowler Mudasser Bukhari look like an Asian Robert Key? but don't worry well have that reunion haha. Alright celina I'm gonna naptime now I'm sleepy goodnight/afternoon haha ": Go make me a sammich ... who's this girl takin shotty?"pussy EXTREMELY LOUD has all the makings of a great film -- touching, strong characters, intricate plot lines. But the end just didn't satisfy me. I liked a video HOW TO RECORD YOUR VOICE USING GARAGEBAND totally understand...hope to see you next year. really great show Saw your buddy Ed O onTuesday. He said to say hello. We couldn't help but talk about how talented you are, my friend. looking forward to a fun day tomorrow for the hubby's birthday.. Lots of fun thing on the plate including dinner at Red Rooster! cant wait. You are the man! Canucks are done.

Pay close attention to the people on stage... One of them WILL defeat you in Nov 2012. gopdebate Interesting take on Michael Janzen's free house plans. Top Fitness Gifts for 2011 Xox If you aren't already, Go follow ' she has some amazing messages (: inspired Check this video out -- Robert Sugar Crosson via The Fox moderators did a very good job with this debate. We will pass on your thanks! I feel where ur coming but give Melo & Amare more time 2gel and an OFFICIAL center with a solid pg they gotta shot kids musta said 1000 times: "do NOT eat the brown snow" lol So much fun last night SDCC Trying to figure out how to convince Google Calendar not to cache Lanyrd's ICS files for way too long :/ Nikon d800 Gareden Rocks. Garden Rolls. Celtics FALL. What song?? Trying to sing along to but not managing to get my voice to go that high.... </3 Exemple de campagne win-win : Deus Ex offre des DLC gratuits en échange de Like sur Facebook : sm I know right frown _BayBey: that makes two of us :'( : wipes tear from eye I didn't get BeyoncÃ? © for Christmas!"

Prizes for sharing opinions about what you buy Rule 4 of New Economy: You must earn the right to do business by providing products and services perfectly matched to client needs. Are you in a creative/photographic rut? Read this list... I am exhausted/ But my colon does not care/ Must wake up and poo 3D printing meets robot design | i want figgy pudding. Its beautifully hot here not missing much smile LOL If I could go to Vegas every weekend I would!! ": NowPlaying? Heavy D & The Boyz Now That We Found Love on Spotify" Love a throwback jam, new jack swing! Personal Health: For Many Millions, Psoriasis Means Misery October went out with a bang, politicians dropping by, and floating eyeballs thrilling kids Next up November and NEMA! Something happens to me when I'm in . Today I said to myself "yes, I do want this decorative, recyclable & collapsable pencil holder Back from the party. Had funn. you never know...... Help our Kababayans! Typhoon Sendong has claimed over 900 lives in Southern Philippines. Pls RT!

haha nice!! Hangin' out, making fun of the word "hilare"! comedian is hilare & he's next on ! Louisville Improv FF to the most amazing country pop singer ive ever heard.! !! smile ha. thanks smile LOL Corrected: Fans of the New Zealand All Blacks caused a minor earthquake after their team's Rugby World Cup victory: Previous message details courtesy of CállesePlatini FF Glad you liked it smile not for sale.. sorry Dont miss out! Get up to $500 cash off on our Most Popular IntelÂ? ® CoreTM? i7 desktops, Vostro 430 Für die FrÃ? ¼hschicht: iTunes Match: ein paar Worte dazu Sprint caps year of Network Vision milestones with first LTE cluster deployment in Kankakee, Illinoi 43. Our beloved BLE. The 101 Best Sandwiches in New York For a funday in Queens take your kids to Rocket Park Mini Golf () and the best lemon ice !.

Here's a link to some of our latest promotions on laptops, check out I'll be happy to suggest you. you mean like the Disney logo that is actually a stupid signature? that had me baffled well into my early adulthood... You have great social media-power, sir. (Can you recommend some lotto numbers the Powerball folks should pull? Thanks!) 30+ Outstanding Websites of Higher Education Institutions - chekout me at sonar! bye bye Barney, Frankly it is way past time for you to go. You have caused much damage to the American economy. good riddance. thanks anyway i am in the middle of a bonding chat with my grandmother when she says: 'right then, time to go stand in front of the stove'. haha. charming

ok, good word mouth never hurt nobody They don't have any shows scheduled right now...if that changes, you'll see them on yeah but there's no money in real art. she'd be a nobody, working minimum wage right now. Her talent rarely used at all if ever. If says "Derek Jeter" three times, will he appear in this episode of WainyDays? ? I wonder how many times we forgive just because we don't want to lose someone. Even if they don't deserve forgiveness. seems like it needs to become a more fluid list rather than a contract. You managed to get beyond the later presumably? The AIDS response in 2011: A game-changing year via Amazing. Just dropped my second montblanc meisterstuck in as many weeks. Fortunately this one was there when I retraced my steps. Easy Preschool Crafts For Kids: Fruit Paper Craft

mom & dad keep all the unfound Easter eggs too. Just spoke at the Great Lakes Week Joint Session in Detroit about restoring and preserving the Great Lakes. Examining the many varieties of milk to meet your nutritional needs. * sai no sol e brilha * Only one more week of hard trainning uff looking forward to the fight now, I am ready! Learn how socialmedia can be leveraged to effectively increase impact Media for Nonprofits SF 11/4 nptech Seguiindoo' - haha yesss!! Do it! Newly qualified doctors feel poorly prepared to look after very ill patients n my heart i kno dis The Comprehensive Guide to Saving Images for the Web:

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