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Stripping wire, particularly copper cable, is not difficult whereas long as you contain various time and patience. If you're stripping a large quantity of wire for recycling and earning a few extra cash, your patience will prove well worth the work. Most recyclers will pay a little a lot more to copper wire that has been properly stripped of its insulation. After all, it saves the recycler from doing the job.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things You'll Need

Box cutter Pliers Vise Workbench or flat surface Lighter

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1 Strip roughly 1 to 2 inches regarding insulation away the end of the wire. Use your box cutter to reduce around the insulation and then pull it off for any pair of pliers.

2 Place the stripped portion of the cable to a vise also protected it by tightening the vise. Then stretch out the wire from on top regarding your workbench or some additional flat surface. The workbench should be clean then that you have sufficient space to work. Also, the location will need to be well-lit.

3 Warm the blade on your box cutter using some lighter. Any hot blade will make it easier to slice through the insulation at a faster pace.

4 Pull the wire by way of some palm extremely that it is taut, and start cutting with the other. Slice down the midst of the wire by means of the heated blade of your box cutter. Cut lower the whole length of the wire, or seeing that far since possible, using really enough stress to reduce by way of the insulation to the copper wire underneath. Try not to sever the copper.

5 Grip the insulation closest to the vise by means of your pliers and pull. The insulation need to peel off the copper cable.

6 Repeat as many times as necessary to strip the entire amount of wire.

Tips & Warnings

Make use of extreme care when using box cutters. The blade is very sharp also may easily reduce through a finger. Never try to burn the insulation off about copper wires. The fumes are hazardous to both your health also the environment.


Actions Recycling Center: Copper Recycling

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