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During daylight hours, certain of the energy generated by the sun remains used immediately. The remainder can be stored inside rechargeable solar batteries, with utilize through evening hours or during electrical outages. Discharge occurs via the solar batteries' inverter. Solar batteries are specially designed to command lengthy periods of deeply discharge on a regular foundation plus relatively fast recharge during daylight hours.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Solar energy system Solar batteries Battery box Charge controller Electrician

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1 Choose the appropriate battery or batteries for your method. Solar batteries come on voltages, very much like the batteries you acquire to power flashlights and radios. The smallest solar power systems ask at least some 12-volt battery pack, whilst a full residential system may want a a lot larger battery pack. The manufacturer of your solar panels might recommend express batteries. If not, consult any electrician or your local electrical supply store to find out the requirements of the kW dimension solar system you are installing.

2 Purchase the batteries and a charge controller either online or at your local making also/or electrical provide shop.

3 Erect a battery box to store plus protect the batteries from the elements and guard humans also animals out of the electricity they store. If you don't want to pay for some ready made unit, some battery box may be built of 2' x 4"s. The box's inside should be lined with pressure-treated plywood with a base regarding fiberglass-laminated concrete board. Include any hinged access door for easy maintenance, plus a gasket to block gas seepage, according to Jeffrey Yago for Backwoods House Magazine.


Solar Power 1 website1: Batteries Procure Your Power From the Sun

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