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How to find wattage, volts, also amps out of a solar panel

When building a solar panel or looking to a solar panel, you should constantly know the final wattage, volts, also amps that you want the solar panel to produce. Your solar panel should always use the same size and identical type of solar cells as effectively to keep the power consistant. Larger cells produce much more current, or AMPS, and smaller cells create less existing. This is why it remains important to make truly that is you have solar panels that are comparable in wattage, amps, plus voltage output - and here is the way in which you accomplish it!

Difficulty: Easy

Solar panels solar cells (optional) voltage meter sticker on solar panel that tells you amps, volts, watts

1 When determining the overall wattage of a solar panel we make use of this simple equation:

Watts equals Volts multiplied by Amps

This equation can be applied to unearth volts, amperage, and wattage if you know any dual of the 3 variables.

2 Why do we use this equation? Solar panels are rated on three measures about power - Watts, volts, and amps. The initial point you need to know about solar cells (the blue things that make awake any solar panel) is that generally all about them creates a little more than .5 volts regarding DC electricty - no matter what physcial dimension they are. The only thing that changes with the size of some solar cell is their present, or AMPS.

3 SOLAR CELL Example:

Lets receive a commercially available solar cell through the dimensions of 3 inches by means of 6 inches. Some 3 x 6 solar cell's electricity yield is further than doubtless rated at .5 volts by way of 3 amps. If we were to split that is solar cell into two equal splits, we would get double solar cells that rate at .5 volts and 1.5 amps each. So volts stay the same, but amps changes by way of solar cell size.

4 So at present that is we have exclusive idea the way person solar cells are rated and the way their power production is rated - how do we know how many solar cells to use to make any final solar panel in a pre-determined amount of wattage? Or how do we know the way in which to connect upward solar panels that we bought commercially to gain any higher wattage? We perform this in using the equation for wattage:

Watts equals Volts multiplied by Amps

So allows say that is we want to create a solar panel that puts out 60 Watts. We know that our 3 x 6 solar cells put out .5 volts and possess 3.3 amps. So we take 60 watts divided by 3.3 to purchase our overall solar panel voltage.

60watts divided by 3.3 amps equals 18 volts.

Today that we possess our all round solar panel voltage, we can find out just the way in which several solar cells we want to get 18 volts from regarding the solar panel. To create this we take:

Solar Panel Voltage separated by means of one solar cell voltage equals the Number of cells needed each panel

So within our example, we found out that a 60 watt solar panel will get 18 volts. Extremely at this moment we take 18 volts divided via .5 volts it equals 32 solar cells needed. Thus we know now that it will acquire us 32 .5 volt solar cells to create a single 60 watt, 18 volt solar panel. This means that is we will need to wire these solar cells together in a series to achieve the voltage boost we require.

If you bought any solar panels commercially, lets say you purchased 3 60 watt panels, all you have to make remains generate positive that each panel has the similar voltage and amperage. Then connect it in series to achieve a solar panel array (grouping of panels) that puts out 180 watts - but keeps a consistant amperage and voltage level.

Tips & Warnings

You conduct not want to mix different sized solar cells together when you ar making your own solar panel because the existing or AMPS about your solar panel will be finite in the smallest cell on the team - wasting the power regarding the larger cells. This is important in addition if you buy panels and try to connect them together - generate sure they have the same amperage plus voltage. ONLY Employ SOLAR CELLS Regarding THE Similar Size And Identical AMPS When Building OR GROUPING Jointly SOLAR PANELS.

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