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Making neckties for the one you love can be a good deal of fun, particularly when the design you select is any reflection of his unique personality. Silk comes in a variety of textures, designs and prints, producing the possibilities limitless. So let your next homemade necktie tell the man you love just how special you extremely consider he is.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

1/2 yard of high-quality silk Thread to match silk Tie pattern Iron also ironing board Chalk Scissors Sewing device

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1 Purchase silk, thread and necktie pattern. Choose 1/2 yard regarding high-quality silk. Excessive-quality silk will not stretch or wrinkle easily. Select outside a formidable silk thread to match the color about your silk.

2 Lay down the silk from on the ironing board. Turn the iron to the silk setting and permit it to warm up. Iron out the silk thus that is all the wrinkles have been smoothed out.

4 Reduce out the traced lines together with sewing scissors. You should straight away have pair separate pieces, one for the the front and single with the again.

5 Lay the two pieces regarding silk on best of every other, very that the inside of the finished link is facing outside. Using straight pins, pin the two bits together, leaving the bottom of the tie wide open so that you may turn it inside from after the pieces have been sewn together.

6 Trace sewing stitches onto the tie for the chalk. This will assist you retain the stitched lines straight also even. Using any small sewing ruler to place the chalk stitches may also be useful except is never necessary if you can eyeball it.

7 Sew alongside the marked lines (remember not to sew the bottom closed). Turn the link inside out. Cautiously tuck the bottom regarding the tie inside, to hide the cut edges. Use straight pins to keep it closed. Stitch the bottom shut.


Patterns with men's ties Silk fabric

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