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"Runes of Wizardry" is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). Because is the case through many MMORPGs, it features an extensive crafting system. You can make you own weapons, though first you need to acquire the right resources. Items these kinds of being employees plus bows need wood. You may cut raw wood from the various copses all over the game and after that course of action it into lumber. Ash lumber is the easiest of the lumbers to produce, also you learn how to do so during the tutorial quest.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


1 Complete the tutorial missions until Leader Leighton informs you to understand woodcutting from Woody Woods.

2 Journey to the Pioneers Colony inside the Howling Mountains, which is located on the road southwest of Logar.

3 Head off to the southern closure about the village. You'll find Woody beside the lake and a huge tree.

4 Speak with Woody to finished the "Discover Woodcutting" quest. He'll walk you through the process of harvesting and processing wood. Once he's done, you'll get the woodcutting know-how plus the recipe for ash timber.

5 Speak with Woody once more to purchase the recipe for ash lumber. This is different than the recipe for ash timber. Lumber is a processed form regarding timber. You must first change wood into timber, and then you may turn it into lumber.

7 Take the wood to a carpentry station. You can find one particular inside Pioneers Hamlet.

8 Open your skills menu whilst position near it, and select the ash timber recipe. You'll convert the wood to timber.

9 Wide open your skill menu once again, and convert the timber to lumber. You now have ash lumber.

Tips & Warnings

Advocate item


Runes Database: Learn Woodcutting Runes Database: Woody Woods Runes Database: Ash Lumber

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