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If you're new to wearing contact lenses, they may well take some spare time to adjust to. Whether you have on smooth lenses or gas semi-permeable, GP, they may be irritating until you get employed to them. It may take a few weeks or months previous to your eyes adapt to contact lenses -- but here are certain things you can complete to speed increase the process.


1 Practice safe application. Always start with clean, washed hands. Slide the contact away of the case and wash with the correct solution. Refer to the directions your contact lenses came with to avoid putting them in upside down. Location the contact on your finger, also use your additional palm to gently pull up your upper eyelid plus pull down your lower lid. Place the contact at once on your pupil while looking either awake or simple, then shut your eye and roll it in a complete circle. When you open up your eye, your contact must be directly on your pupil and your vision should be obvious.

2 Practice safe and sound removal. Operate the same technique to open your eye described above. Along with clean up, washed hands, gently pinch the contact plus place it within some event filled through answer. Depending on your contact lense kind also your personal tolerance, you may or may not be capable to rest with them in -- if your kind regarding lense permits you to, test the lenses by sleeping by way of them within one night also another without.

4 Purchase sunglasses with 1 website website percent UV protection. Specific eye disorders caused by sun exposure can be worse for contact consumers. Always wear sunglasses outside during the day -- even in cloudy conditions.

Tips & Cautions

If you have on eye makeup, replace cream or powder eye shades every three months to avoid getting bacteria within your eyes. By no means place eye liner as well close to your eye -- always stay above the lash line. In no way attempt contacts unless tested and prescribed by way of a doctor. See your doctor once a year to test eye health plus to see if your prescription wants to be changed. New owners may find them annoying on times, but if they're ever as well irritated, remove the lense plus check it for scratches or tears. Disgard the contact also make use of a new unique if this is the case. In no way make use of a contact that remains too old, dirty or has scratches or tears.

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Allaboutvision.com: Contact Lense Tips

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