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The tailbone is a large bone on the body that is made upwards about various additional bones that is match in the lower back region. Another bone from the lower back, the coccyx, is usually fallen on which causes the tailbone to acquire bruised. This can happen from slipping on ice, slipping lower a stairway or landing awkwardly when playing any sport. It's often accompanied by really a tad about pain. There are diverse ways a bruised tailbone can be treated.

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Doughnut cushion Ice bunch

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1 Whilst you bruise your tailbone, any make contact with through it may flare upwards pain. Sitting with long intervals of time on hard surfaces can also produce this happen. To that cause, sit in a doughnut cushion to keep the tailbone sheltered.

2 Employ an ice bunch to keep the fistula lower. For pair to three days, place the ice pack on your tailbone on 2 website to 3 website minute increments every three to four hours.

3 If the pain is critical, require medication. Your doctor may prescribe Flexeril or Vicodin. Around-the-counter treatments include Tylenol, Advil or Aleve.

4 If you bruise your tailbone also become constipated, the discomfort can become exacerbated. To avoid this out of occurrence, make definite to buy enough fiber with your daily diet. Some examples of foods that have fiber include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, flax seeds and psyllium husks.

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If you do not have a doughnut cushion, you can use some small inner tube as nicely.

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