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Commercial photovoltaic solar panels are made from regarding wafers about silicon doped with other elements. Though you can't manufacture them with home, there are other elements that interact through the sun to create electricity. This design employs sheets regarding copper to make a simple solar panel

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


Things You'll Need

Plastic container Copper sheeting Metal snips Soap Drinking water Paper towel Electric burner Glue Tape Salt Jumper Leads

1 Become any shallow plastic container. Cut a piece of copper so that is it is barely smaller than the container and fits inside of it. The wider the container and the bigger the copper sheet, the more energy the solar panel will make.

2 If the copper sheet yous oily or discolored, gently clean it with soap also drinking water. This will improve the efficiency of the solar panel. Gently waterless it for most papers towels.

4 Hold the sheet under performing water plus very gently rub it through your fingers to peel the rest of the black coating off. Don't scrub it as well hard, or you can damage the delicate layer of oxidation under the black coating.

5 Place two sheets into the plastic container so that is single pokes above the rim of each finish of the container. The other end regarding each and every sheet need to sit in the base. Employ glue or tape to attach the panels to the container. Don't let the panels touch each other.

6 Mix any teaspoon or two of salt through sufficient water to fill the container halfway or a little additional. Pour it to the container.

7 Attach a jumper lead to each copper plate where it pokes away past the rim of the container and place the plate in the sunlight. The steer attached to the burner plate will obtain some adverse charge and the other one will have any positive only.

To light a bulb, assemble two or three of these panels. Use jumpers leads to attach the oxidized plate of a to the unoxidized plate of the next. Attach the leads at the end to a Christmas light or other small bulb and it ought to light up.


A Copper Solar Panel lwith Images


Jumper Leads

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