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Braids are available in a variety of styles, from cornrows to braided extensions. Your braids might consist only of your own hair or include synthetic or human hair to produce the braids longer. Caring with braids remains slightly different out of caring with unbraided hair. Braids soak up water and shampoo much more enthusiastically also can remain wet inside if not air-dried or dried with any blow dryer. Keep your braids attractive and your scalp healthy plus itch-free of charge via caring for them properly.

Things You'll Need

Residue-free shampoo Deep conditioner Square silk scarf Witch hazel Tea tree or peppermint oil Spray container Shea butter Blow dryer and hood attachment (optional)

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1 Wash your braids once a week with residue-free shampoo. Lather the shampoo from your hands and employ the lather to your scalp. Massage the lather into your scalp and leave it on your mind while you bathe or shower. Rinse out the lather for groovy water, squeezing the suds by way of your braids.

2 Deeply condition your hair every 2 weeks using a cholesterol conditioner or hot oil medication according to the bundle directions.

3 Fold a square silk scarf inside half diagonally to make any triangle. Tie up the scarf around your head off with night to keep your braids from becoming fuzzy away from the friction regarding moving all over inside bed.

4 Blend 1/2 cup of witch hazel with 5 drops of tea tree or peppermint oil in a spray jar. Spritz your scalp in the blend between shampoos to freshen your braids and prevent itching.

5 Scoop a dime-sized quantity of shea butter into the palm of your hand also rub it among your hands until it liquefies. Massage your scalp among conditioning treatments because required.

Tips & Warnings

Never go to bed with wet braids or tie wet braids up. Allow your braids to dry fully to prevent mildew from forming inside.

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