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Whilst you extend some car lease, you are ending your first least and starting fresh. Your car expenses will be some lot less for your new lease because the vehicle yous employed instead about new, but there are some things you should consider before deciding if this option is to you.

Difficulty: Moderately Effortless


1 Compare the different end of lease options to determine if extending your lease is right for you. If you would like to retain the vehicle you have nevertheless can't afford to produce car loan expenses, this may be a good option.

2 Evaluate your maintenance record for your car. If you need completed your due diligence plus taken good care of your car, then it makes sense to re-lease your automobile rather besides lease another used car. You know how properly you have maintained the car, however you may not understand how effectively another used automobile was maintained.

3 Speak to your dealer close to extending your lease and purchase a lease estimate. Compare the lease guess to the payments you would boast to pay to lease a similar new car. If you are will have to pay only barely lower monthly payments for the new design, extending probably isn't worth it.

4 Make any lease quote away from a leasing company outdoor the dealership if you don't prefer the dealer's terms. You can sometimes save money on lease payments if you safe external financing.

Consider purchasing your vehicle if you want to keep it rather than leasing it again. If you purchase your car off lease you may find it for the residual value. Check the Kelley Blue Book to see if the residual value is less than the industry worth of the vehicle to understand if that would be some excellent deal for you (determine Resources beneath). If you may't afford the monthly payments to your current lease and can't sell the car or exchange the lease, you may be able to extend the term on your current lease to reduced the payments. Be careful together with this option, nevertheless, as the payments might not go down that very much and you will be locked to keeping the car even longer. It makes more sense to extend a lease for some luxury auto than with an economy or mid-priced car because cars depreciate the most in the initial few years plus leasing terms are based on residual value. When you extend your lease you will probable be leasing a vehicle that has outlived hers warranty. Most warranties last only like long because the first lease.

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Used car values by Kelley Blue Book

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