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Adding solar power to your residence remains a great way regarding reducing the monthly power expenses. You likewise get to contribute to keeping the environment clear by way of reducing the use of domestic electricity. The primary cost of buying and installing solar panels can be very high. With this cause, most homeowners are purchasing ready-to-set up solar packages that may be effortlessly installed through exactly roughly any one.

Trouble: Tolerably Challenging


Things You'll Need

Solar panels Solar mounting system Stud finder Electric drill Roofing nails

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1 Discover a suitable location to hook increase solar panels on the rooftop. The area should receive optimum daylight during the day and should not be obstructed by any obstacles such as neighboring roofs or surrounding trees.

2 Secure solar panels to your roof with the support about mounting system that arrives along with the solar panels. Hold a length of two to four inches between roof also the panels to allow adequate ventilation.

3 Locate regions on the roof wherever rafters are installed. Solar mounting method should be secured to the roof rafters for a business installation.

4 Pre-exercise holes on the rafters through the assist of exclusive electric exercise.

5 Use roofing nails to fasten mounting method to the pre-drilled holes in the rafters.

6 Connect the solar panels to a solar inverter in your home. Solar inverter remains some device that converts direct present produced by solar cells to alternating existing required to power various house appliances.

Tips & Warnings

Maintain an electrician run the conduit from the solar panels to the inverter, esp. if you're not qualified to work with electricity.


Solar Panel Information: Mounts Installation Guide Residence Solar PV Panels: How to Install Your Own House Solar PV Panels

Solar picture by Thomas Leiss out of Fotolia.com

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