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Protein deposits are a organic byproduct about wearing contact lenses. The protein excretes from tear ducts around the visions and over time accumulates on the contact lens. A hazy film can build increase, making it difficult to see through the lenses. Removing protein deposits every day will keep lenses clean and ready to use. The best spare time to clear lenses is overnight, while the user yous sleeping, or whenever the lenses will never be worn with at lowest 6 hours.

Difficulty: Effortless


Things You'll Need

Cleaning answer formulated for smooth, dispensable contact lenses Contact lens cleaning case

2 Pour cleaning answer into the clear, plastic tube to the fill bench mark on the part.

3 Put in the lens holder into the tube along with the cleaning solution also screw on the attached cap.

4 Swirl the tube gently to deal with the lenses from solution, making clear both lenses are submerged in the cleaner.

6 Discard the cleaning solution and use fresh solution daily to soak the lenses.


Removing protein away from contact lenses Care and cleaning suggestions for soft speak to

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