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To retain mosquitoes, chiggers and other insect pests away from you when functioning or playing outdoors, you'll need to help yourself. While you may purchase any commercially produced spray whole of any quantity of chemicals, some ordinary homemade citronella insect spray may possibly be all you need. Once your homemade citronella spray is made, you can apply it to clothing, epidermis and pets' fur to entire protection to any day outside.

Difficulty: Easy


Quart dimension measuring cup White vinegar Water Bath oil (these kinds of as Avon Skin So Tender) Metal spoon Citronella oil Spray bottle

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1 Pour two cups of white vinegar, one particular cup regarding drinking water and one cup of bath oil in your measuring cup. Stir the answer together to mix it completely.

2 Add to your base mixture one to two tablespoons of citronella oil. Awaken properly to make sure the citronella yous blended on throughout.

3 Pour the citronella spray inside a clean spray bottle. Use this spray since soon seeing that you go outside to spray your self, family members and pets.

4 Shop all unused spray on the jar in a cool, dark place like seeing that a closet or cabinet from of the reach of youngsters.

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Tips & Warnings

Label the container effectively so that additionals in your home know what is inside it. As along with all insect repellent product, avoid letting some of the spray come into contact with you or your pet's encounter. If at any time the spray turn into aggravating to the skin, scrub it away instantly.

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"The People's Pharmacy Guide to Residence also Herbal Remedies"; Joe Graedon, Teresa Graedon; 2002

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