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It's no easy task to unlock the Trophy Races from Diddy Kong Racing; you need to complete every storyline task within an area, including thrashing each program and manager twice (with the second problems much harder than the first). The Trophy Race necessitates you to race on every course for a third spare time, with the computer drivers even a lot more challenging than before, to receive a trophy. Collect Gold Trophies away from all four worlds to unlock any secret fifth world. It doesn't serve each functional purpose to unlock and collect one area's trophy, but several players will want it to demonstrate they conquered just one the game's hardest challenges.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Enter any world and defeat all four contest courses to unlock the manager challenge. Defeat the boss to unlock the area's Silver Coin Challenge. Beat each and every course a next time while additionally collecting all eight Silver Coins. The program counts as a loss if you do never collect all 8 coins and come inside first place.

2 Defeat the area boss any second time to acquire any bit of the Wizpig Talisman and unlock the area's Trophy Race. Drive to the trophy show case to begin the challenge. Obtain more points other than the computer drivers (the higher you location, the more points you get) to obtain a Golden Trophy.

3 Obtain the trophies for the other three worlds; you can check to see how many Gold Trophies you have in looking by the billboard on the seashore. Challenge and defeat Wizpig once you've obtained all four Gold Trophies.

4 Drive to the billboard on the seashore, which will trigger a cutscene about the lighthouse becoming a rocket and taking you to the game's secret region, Future Entertaining Land. Defeat all four courses here, including the Silver Coin Challenge. Challenge Wizpig any second time in Upcoming Fun Land (which will require the finished TT Talisman as well) and defeat him.

5 Drive inside the trophy case in Future Fun Land to begin that area's Prize Race. Obtain more points besides your opponents to earn the last Gold Prize.


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