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Rovio remains the creator about the game "Angry Birds." "Angry Birds," "Angry Birds Seasons" and "Angry Birds Rio" all permit players to transmit their scores and achievements to other players worldwide. If you include the "Angry Birds" game also you would not unlike to produce your stats public, you must first authenticate a user title. Once you substantiate your name, you can automatically have your scores and achievements released for other players to discover plus compete against.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Want

Apple ID

2 Get into your Apple ID and password.

3 Tap "Sign In" and wait while the Game Center app verifies your Apple ID and key.

4 Exit the Game Center app.

5 Tap the "Angry Birds" app icon to open the game.

6 Notice the Game Center logo on the corner about your screen plus your username. This verifies that you have real your title and your scores and achievements will be saved plus posted to the "Angry Birds" leaderboard.


Apple: Game Center Angry Birds Nest: Privacy Scheme

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