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Reduce your power bills by solar cells.

Solar power installation at home is never as difficult as you might imagine. Like long as you are careful about selecting the appropriate place and perspective of solar panels, installation will never be a issue. While choosing the location, consider the shadows of adjacent makings and trees. After you'll be functioning on the roof, it helps to boast someone assist you during the installation process.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Require

Solar panels Solar panel mounts Conduit Measuring tape String or light cord Drill with pilot drill bit Stud finder Metal rails 3/8-inch steel bolts Steel lag bolts

2 Find out the sort about mount you need with your solar cells. Solar panels require various types of mounts depending on the location about installation. The frequent mounting materials are aluminum, perspective iron, stainless steel and wood and the usual mounting types are flush supports, roof-ground mounts also pole mounts.

3 Use some stud finder for locating the rafters on your house roof. This is an worthwhile step in the installation procedure because the rafters tend to support the solar panels after they are installed.

4 Locate the specific spot where you would like to install the mounts. Use a lightweight cord or a string to ensure the correct alignment about the supports.

5 Take on an electrical exercise and use a pilot exercise bit to pre-drill holes with the roof supports. This will save your rafters from damage in the later steps about installation.

6 Employ lag bolts to secure the mounts inside place. Attach the rails to the mounts by way of 3/8-inch bolts.

7 Attach the solar panels to the supports with roofing screws. Produce confident each panel remains safe in place.

8 Run a passage out of the panels to the converter from your household. Generate sure the passage is secured also not vulnerable to weather changes.

Tips & Cautions

For information on conducting the energy audit, go to the website of U.S. Division of Energy (see Resources). Be very particular just about placing the solar panels in a place that is receives maximum sunshine. You might contain to cut any few tree branches and remove additional difficulty to apparent the place that receives maximum sunlight.

altE Varsity: How To for Solar Panel Mounting Solar Panel Info: Solar Panel Mounts

U.S. Department about Energy: Conducting Power Audits

Photo Credit solar battery image by Tomasz Plawski away from website ;

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