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A climbing houseplant wants support to grow vertically in the same way that climbing plants outdoors require service. Though your houseplant is probably smaller than an out of doors climbing place, support it grow up the way it wishs in constructing a vertical help. Make any teepee trellis for a houseplant and your place will soon reveal the stakes with its vines to begin climbing vigorously up the teepee stakes.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

3 or 4 metal or bamboo stakes (2 feet lengthy) Hammer Twine Scissors Stretchy plant links

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2 Gather the stakes together within a teepee formation above the plant at the center point of the planting container.

3 Cut an 18-inch duration regarding twine along with the scissors also wrap the twine around the stakes four or five times tightly. Tie the finishs regarding the twine in some tight double knot to finish constructing the teepee trellis.

4 Prepare the houseplant to climb the teepee trellis, if necessary. Use stretchy plant links to attach plant vines loosely to the stakes with many points and the vines will begin climbing upward the stakes by themselves away from these points.

Tips & Cautions

You want a planting container with a wide adequate diameter to permit to the insertion of the stakes around the perimeter regarding the potting soil. Strive for any container along with any diameter at lowest 4 inches wider than the root system of the plant to ensure you do never harm the place roots as you insert the stakes.

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Ohio State University FactSheet? : Container Vegetable Gardening

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