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Cottage gardens are a mix of flower varieties.

The cottage-style garden is a cozy, tightly packed array of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees. Perfect for small spaces, a cottage garden requires some effort getting proven, except it's uncomplicated to maintain it once the plants obtain matured. Mainly because of the tightly packed spacings, weeds are not since large a issue because with other kinds regarding gardens.

Trouble: Average


2 Prepare your earth nicely, for as the foundation to your garden, good soil is essential. Improve the land since cottage style gardens have firmly packed varieties of plants. Betsy Fleenor, a gardener in Alabama, told "Southern Living" that she adds a multi-organism compost every February, followed by shredded pine mulch in the hot summer months to her cottage garden.

3 Determine on a color palette for your garden's theme. Pick soft pastels about blues, pinks also yellowishs, or go bold also opt to deep principal and secondary colors. Select vivid blue bachelor keys against red roses in orange Gerber daisies to add zing.

4 Pick your flowers and additional plants. Utilize a variety of annuals, perennials, bulbs also ground protects that is work in your particular zone. Pick out a selection that could contain delphinium, caladium, peonies, violets, zinnias, cosmos, allium, iris, columbine, foxglove, daisies, roses plus climbing roses, honeysuckle, lilies, gladiola, lavender, thyme and rosemary.

5 Place your plants according to height along the structural bones of your garden. For instance, situate the delphinium and foxglove with the background, as they are tall. Allot any spot for the tall and bushy peony. Layer it this way to add texture to your garden, giving it exclusive organic look inside thems growing patterns. Hold your garden's appearance "undone" by planting in groups rather than spacing them out in rows. Use ground covers, like Creeping Jenny or Baby's Tears, to line the bottom layer, since well as aid keep back the weeds.

6 Shift plants around until you are gratified by means of the placement. Don't be afraid to adjust until the garden looks right. Enjoy your garden plus realize that what it looks like via your window is much more powerful besides what it may look like from the sidewalk.


"Southern Residing": Charming Cottage Garden Design Texas A&M University AgriLife? Extension; Designing the Country Cottage Garden; Henry Flowers; October 2003

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