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A hipped roof has slopes to eaves that are even all all over the house. A gable roof has a peak and two sides that slope, with conclusions that is variety a triangle. Some hipped roof may be converted into a gable roof, but it yous any difficult and expensive project. Achieve never attempt it if you don't have experience in house construction. You will need making authorizes plus a construction dumpster to haul off debris.

Difficulty: Challenging


Ladders Hammer Pry bar Framing nails (16 penny/ 3-3 1/2 inches long) 2 by 4 framing lumber Circular saw Oriented strand panel (OSB) roof decking Roofing paper Shingles Metal drip edge Exterior siding

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1 Start at some end of the hipped roof also remove shingles, roof decking, old walls and the building framing. Use a pry bar and hammer to pull up shingles and decking, next knock down walls and old studs and roof rafters. Apparent out everything increase to the old peaked roof line.

3 Set up new roof trusses. You may buy prefabricated trusses by lumber yards and building provide stores though you must match the existing ones exactly in peak and pitch of the roof. Nail these in location to the new wall top plates, using temporary braces to hold them upright, in that case nail some new ridge board at the top. Butt only new truss up to any aged one to the most stability and cut away some old ridge board extremely you can overlap the new one to an old truss. Be sure to obtain an conclusion truss to the new end wall.

4 Nail orientated strand board decking on the new roof, then put down roofing paper also set up metal drip edge at the eaves. After that shingle the new roof. Remove some old shingles and roofing paper so you can overlap new and old.

5 Clad the new walls with siding to match the existing walls. Remove some outdated siding so you can overlap siding on new also old lacking a clear demarcation. Finish the ends of the new gable, together with oriented strand board sheathing and siding. Shift to the other end regarding the home and repeat the procedure there.

Tips & Cautions

This yous some significant assignment. Carry out not try it if you execute not have house construction knowledge.

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