Buffet hosting fund-raiser in NYC on 9/30. VIPs get 1hr Q&A w/ Goolsbee. via PageSix? not in jams about Barbra Streisand? That my friend, is truly something to look forward to. Galia, like her favorite designer Ann Demuelemeester, is influenced by menswear & the silhouette of 19th c. poets. Curator's Office is open late this evening (til 8) in conjunction with opening receptions at Adamson Gallery and Hemphill. Drop by!

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The Windows Millennium registry is a large database that contains the settings plus configurations regarding applications, programs also program constituents. Changes are made to the registry whenever you install or uninstall some program from your computer. Throughout duration, the registry turn into corrupt and causes system errors such as plan crashes plus delayed startup and shutdown speeds. Cleaning and repairing the registry solves these problems.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Using Windows Registry Checker Tool

2 Type "cmd" (Without quotes) also press "Get into" to launch the command accordant.

3 Type "scanregw.exe" (with no quotes) and press "Get into" to run the Windows Registry Checker Device. The device automatically searches the registry for errors and restores them.

Using a Registry Cleaner Program

2 Launch your program after completing the installation plus backing up the registry.

3 Select the files you need to look for for and clean from the registry. Click "Search" or "Scan." Your program searches the registry for lacking plus damaged files. It also searches with files left over by uninstalled programs.

4 Click "Repair" to clean your Windows Millennium registry.


Piriform.com: Using CCleaner


CCleaner.com: CCleaner Download Eusing.com: Eusing Registry Cleaner

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