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Monovision contact lenses are a special kind of vision correction for folks who increase presbyopia, meaning their close to vision becomes blurred. Typically all over the age of 4 internet site, many people experience blurred near vision, these kinds of as when reading or working on a computer. Some people resolve the problem with bifocal glasses or contact lenses; others turn to monovision contact lenses. Monovision works by correcting one particular eye for distance vision and the other for near vision. Although working on computers while wearing monovision contact lenses takes some adjustment, there are things you can work to make certain you are getting the best possible vision.

Difficulty: Moderate


2 Move your monitor or screen closer or farther apart if necessary. Because monovision contact lenses work through combining distance and near vision, some of your length correction becomes a bit compromised. If you are having difficulty reading detail on your computer, moving your screen will assist.

3 Adjust the prescription energy of the distance contact lens to compensate for computer function. Your eye physician can slightly increase or lower the lenses' range strength, depending on how you are adapting and the way far away you sit out of the computer screen.

4 Try out modified mini-monovision contact lenses. Your eye physician can alter your prescription to employ some lighter magnifying strength with your near (reading) lens to support with PC function, especially if you sit extremely close to your observe or screen.

6 Add a light reading prescription pair about glasses over your monovision contact lenses if your computer perform involves a lot of great detail. Using the additional minor reading prescription as needed can assist deaden eye stress or strain.


The Effect of Different Monovision Contact Lens Power, American Ophthamalogical Community Vision Health: What Are Monovision Contact Lenses?


Monovision, The Eye Treatment Connection

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