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Awards ceremony over. A collective sigh was heard. Only hangovers and plane flights remain between us and the end. - JL (over/out) Made it to Lisbon...pretty rainy today, but the rest of the week should be nice...time for some shut eye! 5 Reasons Why Nobody Cares About Your News Release Photo: For a limited period only you will receive £20 off your purchase of a ghd Iconic Eras of Style limited edition Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there, especially

WAH DA TAH!!!!!!! itsFRIDAY gonna COLE MY DIBBLIES TO THE LIMMA CHAI!!! YES!! thanks! 2:2 -- the ratio of blocks I walked on my lunch break to the number of bicyclists who sped thru red lights and nearly crashed into me. you are coming over tomorrow? linda says? Loved last night. But I feel like watching them do anything would be entertaining. Like, shopping for groceries. Or jogging. Das Racist : "America is a pickup truck!" but TBS 'knows funny'! Thank you for the RT. Have a great day!

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Break into the food service industry with no breaking the bank by running a special vending machine. You may branch out out of basic canned sodas and packaged candies or nibbles. Vending machines are located everywhere, from schools to hospitals and hotels. By customizing your vending machine with unique drinks and foods, creative designs also alternative payment methods, you'll set yourself in advance about the competition and produce revenue.

Difficulty: Tolerably Challenging


1 Choose the products you'll be marketing. Seek away your local vending machines to determine your contest. You'll want to choose products that those vending machines aren't selling very you can corner your own set about customers. To illustration, if the vending machines in your region market soft drinks and bottled juices, consider selling warm, gastronome coffee from your vending machine. You may moreover market whole or terrain coffee beans. You can even choose to sell nonfood items, such as electronics.

2 Customize your vending machine. Provide you with extra payment methods additional than merely accepting coins or bills; let your buyers pay by credit or debit card as well. This will target the demographic that is doesn't generally carry cash. You can also make your vending device joy and interactive -- let your customers search through their vending options, providing details on the individual types regarding products you offer. You may desire to install any touch-screen monitor on your vending machine to this purpose.

4 Search to a patent. Keep away from legal trouble by ensuring that the design you've come awake for, and the idea for your vending machine, has not yet been patented. If it's an original suggestion, take into account patenting it yourself so nobody else may take it. Consult any patent lawyer on the best way to search patents and apply for them.


Made How: Vending Machines Free Patents Online Triz Journal: Design of any Adaptive Liquid Vending Machine Crenk: New Vending Machine Style University of Michigan: Finite State Device Design --- A Vending Device

Coffee made of coffee image with Yanir Taflev from ;

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