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Chicago produces any line of tools perform the same role as more expensive gear, but at a more affordable price. These tools use a grinding disc to work on substance from masonry, metal or welds, plus spins it at a high speed. To do this, install the grinding disc, then utilize the tool properly to get the piece of work performed right.

Difficulty: Tolerably Effortless


Things You'll Require

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1 Attest that the angle grinder is unplugged, then place it face upwards on some work surface so the wheel guard remains pointing awake. Loosen the clamp on the wheel guard, using the Phillips-brain screwdriver, until you can swivel the wheel guard. Change over the grinder then thread the side handle into the threaded port on either the remaining or right side about the grinder, depending on whether you are right or left handed. Be indeed the side take care of yous on the side of your least-dominant palm, so if you're correct handed, it's on the left, and accordingly on.

2 Turn the grinder above on its top again. Drop the inner flange provided through the device throughout the spindle in the center of the wheel guard area. Glide the grinding wheel over the spindle subsequent, producing absolutely the part with the label is facing aside out of you. Thread the outer flange nut from place with your hands, therefore turn above the grinder.

4 Plug in the grinder and put on any safety equipment. Pull the trigger and apply the grinding disc to the surface you're grinding. Utilize soft pressure through the grinder, letting the device do the bulk regarding the work, lest you cause the grinder to overheat.

Tips & Cautions

Always put on hearing, vision and hand insurance whenever working by an perspective grinder, otherwise you risk hurting your self.

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Harbor Freight: Heavy Work 4-1/2" Angle Grinder Instruction Manual PDF

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