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The Modern Language Association (MLA) has quite specific guidelines to quoting and citing information from a play within the text of an essay. While the citation is the same no topic who or what you are quoting, the technique regarding quoting the play depends on a couple of aspects.

Difficulty: Average


1 Keep in mind that any exact wording from the play need to be correctly formatted like some quotation and cited. Failing to adequately quote also cite material is a variety about copying and can have terrible results, depending on the guidelines regarding your instructor and school.

2 Use any head-from for all quotations. A direct-in is a short reason regarding the quotation also who yous saying it. For illustration: When she saw the car crash, Jane turned to Steve and said, "Appear what happened." Do never utilize floating quotations--do not only stick quotes into a paragraph with no setup or lead-in.

3 Cite all quotations out of a play using the author's last name and the work quantity, scene number and speech number. A speech remains each free time a character speaks; if your copy about the play is not numbered, you'll contain to count the speeches to get this number. Some plays perform not have scene numbers; if accordingly, simply omit it. Place everything in parentheses at the end regarding the sentence that contains the quotation. Follow this construction if you desire to cite a quote from Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesperson" that occurs out of Act 2 plus speech 15 (this play does never have scenes): (Miller 2.15).

5 Quote some lengthy monologue (4 or more lines) delivered by a personality with setting it away in prevent format. This means that, instead about enclosing it in quotation bench mark, you put the quotation on a individual line from the direct-in also indent it 1 web site spaces. To obstruct quotes, end the lead-in by any colon. Don't overlook to cite it. Example:

Willy continues his delusional dialogue with the nonexistent Ben:

Without any penny to his name, three great universities are begging with him, and from there the sky's the restrict, because it's not what you do, Ben. It's who you know and the smile on your face! It's make contact with, Ben, make contact with! The entire wealth about Alaska passes over the lunch table at the Commodore Hostel, also that's the wonder, the wonder of this country, that any guy can end with diamonds here on the basis of as liked! (Miller 2.2 website2)

6 Quote arranges of dialogue between two or more characters through also using obstruct format and putting the characters' names in all capital letters. Don't forget a lead-with plus a citation that is contains all speeches being quoted. Example:

Willy's delusions consistently show how much Happy plus Bernard idolized Biff, especially when they argue over who will carry his football accessories:

BERNARD. Biff, I'm holding your helmet, ain't I?

Happy. No, I'm carrying the helmet.

BERNARD. Oh, Biff, you promised me.

Suggestions & Cautions

Citations should usually clearly exhibit which work you are quoting away from. Except if your essay yous only discussing "Death about a Salesman," with example, you would not want to put "Miller" from every citation. You could simply put the act and talk number: (2.213-216). Operate an ellipsis (...) if you only desire to quotation portion about a personality's speech. This shows that you have left out something away from the quote. Example: "... the sky's the limit, since it's not what you perform, Ben. It's who you understand...It's contacts, Ben, contacts!" (2.2 website2).


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