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Gentle sabers, the laser swords away from the Star Battles franchise, own caught the imagination of science fiction fans seeing that "Some New Hope" premiered in 1977. But the addition regarding the prequel trilogy that included enormous light saber battles with the story line has inspired fans to make their own light sabers. A basic light saber hilt that does not include the foil is straightforward to make away from frequent hardware elements and can be put together within less besides fifty percent an hour.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 ¼ inch PVC end cap -- 1 ¼ inch lengthy C Clamp Hack Saw 1 ¼ inch PVC coupler -- 2 inches lengthy Black latex paint -- glossy Bicycle chair post Round steel file 5/16 inches wide black rubber large-density froth climate stripping ½ inches broad -- 36 inches long Box cutter Various tiny machine screws Power drill Screwdriver D ring with connector hardware 2 plastic lined locking nuts 2 8-32 hexagonal nuts 2 common washers 2 locking washers 1 fender washer - 1 1/16 inch diameter 2 decorative lighting caps 1 period threaded tube to work the lighting caps Channel lock pliers Distinct Lego brick Epoxy 1 burned-outside electron tube with no silver coating inside

Suggest Edits. tetris.

2 Clamp the PVC coupler in the C clamp, also saw it at an angle with the hack saw. Dip this bit in black paint also permit it to dry.

3 Clamp the bike submit into the C clamp and shorten the length about the tube to between 12 also 14 inches, depending on your preferred mild saber size. Saw the finish very that the angle is the same as the perspective that you sawed into the PVC coupler. Cut a slot to your Lego brick plus drill holes to attach the decorative caps.

4 Soft the rough edges of all parts together with the file.

5 Cut the weather stripping into equal-sized periods to kind a comfortable grip length for your soft saber handle cover. Depart each and every strip a bit longer other than the desired finished length. Remove the backing from each and every strip just before you apply it to the cycle tube's base. Apply each and every strip lengthwise around the end of the tube contrary the angled cut. The base of each strip should be a quarter inch away from the closure of the light saber. Space each strip equally apart from one another. Use the box cutter to trim each strip consequently that they are even with particular another.

6 Place the PVC conclusion cap on the end about the handle below the weather stripping. Exercise 4 small holes in the closure cap everywhere it touches the tube. The holes should go through the conclusion cap and into the chrome of the tube.

7 Place the ring that you have cut away from the end cap around the upper conclusion of the tube consequently that the angled lower aligns with the tube. Drill two holes through the PVC plus into the chrome to hold the ring from place. Screw machine screws by means of these holes.

8 Maintain the D-Ring mount towards the PVC end cap of the mild saber and mark the location wherever the D-ring mounts will attach. Exercise holes with the end cap to match these attachments. Remove the PVC end cap. Attach the D-Ring by managing the mounting screw by means of the hole and attaching the washers also nuts to the screw on the back part of the conclusion cap. Place the finish-cap back on the soft saber and align the drill holes. Screw machine screws through these holes and into the tube.

9 Clip the threaded tube in the C-Clamp plus saw off dual 3/8 inch bits. Screw these inside the exercise holes for the decorative conclusion caps using pliers. Screw the decorative end caps over these pieces.

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Slip the Lego into the slot so that the ridged higher part regarding the brick is all that is obvious above the slot. Glue the brick in place with epoxy.

11 Remove the plastic base and pins from the electron tube using a pair regarding pliers. Take care not to break the electron tube. Coat the parts of the tube for epoxy to hold it in place plus slip the tube into the top end of the light saber so that the curved top is degree with the bottom element of the PVC ring.

The Wilcox Family: Construct Your Own Light Saber Kin-Burn Bamin, Jedi Knight:How To Create A Lightsaber Prop IO9:The way to meticulously make some lightsaber out of free parts


Big Yellow Box:Lightsabers away from the Big Yellow Box

clamp image with Allyson Ricketts from

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