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Suboxone, a prescription medicine used for the treatment of opioid dependence, should be prescribed also monitored by some certified physician. Certified physicians must follow rules restricting the number about patients they may handle at any one spare time with Suboxone, very sometimes you must try out a few clinics or even get on a delay list for treatment. The number of certified doctors is growing each month, so finding a qualified doctor in your area need to not be troublesome.

Trouble: Moderately Simple. Suboxone Doctors.


Things You'll Need

Online entry Telephone entry

Recommend Edits

1 Use the Internet to seek the constantly updated databases about licensed Suboxone-prescribing physicians (double regarding the main listings are granted below in Resources).

2 Produce a list of numerous doctors in your local area. Clinics need to follow firm regulations almost the quantity of patients they can see, consequently don't be frustrated if you possess to call any few clinics to find a accepting new patients.

3 Generate exclusive appointment together with some clinic. You'll be asked to schedule the appointment either while you are still taking your opioids or throughout through a period of moderate withdrawal, called "induction."

Tips & Cautions

Suggest item


Guidelines for the Accreditation regarding Opioid Treatment Programs Understanding The Phases of treatment


Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Physician Research Opioid Treatment System Index

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