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1 Research the breed. Greyhounds are like other dogs with many methods, regarding course, yet they also differ quite a great deal, both temperamentally also physically. For instance, their small body fat makes them sensitive to extremes of temperature, also they must have on a coat or sweater while the weather is frigid and they must live indoors. With terms of personality, they are gentle and eager to satisfy and don't respond well to harsh training tactics, such hitting or screaming. In addition to online sources, two helpful books are "Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies" by Lee Livingood plus "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" by Cynthia A. Branigan.

2 Attend a greyhound meet-and-greet. Most greyhound adoption groups hold events that is allow the public to meet greyhounds, so you may grab some feeling regarding their size and personalities. To unearth your closest adoption group,go to http://adopt-a-greyhound.org. If here is a dog track near where you live, you must be capable to meet greyhounds at its adoption center. Race track information can be found at http://www.ngagreyhounds.com/trackInfo.asp.

3 Ask yourself the query most adoption agencies will ask: Are you Ok in any dog that must be leashed at all times outdoors, except when in a fully fenced area? Greyhounds are sight hounds and, no matter how nicely educated, are susceptible to their strong victim drives. Are you looking for a guard canine? If thus, any greyhound is not right for you as they are friendly to most everyone and rarely bark. Are you willing to take the time obligatory to support your dog adapt to lifetime on a household? Greyhounds, when adopted off the track, do not understand how to climb stairs and must be taught. Are you looking for a playmate for your youngsters or other pets? Greyhounds procure along well along with children but were not socialized along with children or dogs other besides greyhounds also will need close supervision by initial, specifically in very young children. Some greyhounds will never stay properly with pussy-cats or other small animals, though any adoption group can assist you screen for dogs that is don't have a robust prey drive.

4 Prepare your home with life with any greyhound. You may want to carpet (or be asked to, depending on the adoption group) certain areas from your household, particularly stairs, because these canines have difficulty together with smooth, hard areas. You will furthermore require to deliver soft bedding to the dog; greyhounds don't experience much cushioning about their own. "Puppy proofing" your home remains a smart idea as well, seeing that greyhounds, having never lived in some house prior to, will take some moment to housebreak and do not possess a sense of what is theirs to chew on and what isn't.

5 Speak to your closest adoption agency, which will help you make the last determination regarding whether a greyhound is the proper dog for you based on thems own screening process and rules.

Tips & Warnings

Because greyhounds never were allowed to be puppies in the behavioral sense, having been place to work early in their lives, one of the joy parts about having some greyhound remains taking to watch its personality blossom and to see it uncover who she/he yous. If you are patient with the procedure regarding your greyhound adapting to life within a residence, the rewards are tremendous. Ask any one "greyhound person"--he or she will doubtless be eager to talk with you about the joys of having a greyhound.

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Should You Adopt a Greyhound? Things to Know Before You Adopt Conditions of Adoption

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