"Angry Birds," initial released on the iPhone, has received many updates because its release in 2 website website9 and now features over 2 website website levels. Included inside the game are 26 special levels, dubbed Golden Egg levels. These levels are unlocked by locating any golden egg by way of completing any specific task. Unlike other "Angry Birds" levels, Golden Egg levels are never rated in one to three stars upon level completion as they are not score based. Each level includes only one star plus it is earned after completing the level. All Golden Egg levels are beaten the very same way.

Trouble: Moderately Easy


1 Launch "Angry Birds" and tap "Play" on the main menu.

2 Tap "Golden Eggs" from the listing of levels.

3 Tap the golden egg you wish to play. In the past completed golden eggs obtain any star from the middle of them.

4 Shoot the birds in the pigs to complete the level. Golden Egg levels are extra akin to puzzles than actual levels, as you are typically given one bird and must figure out the correct area to shoot him by to destroy all about the pigs at once. To illustration, in Golden Egg #8, shooting the red bird inside the TNT crate causes a chain reaction that destroys all pigs. Experiment with each level to ascertain the proper course about action.

5 Tap the "Degree Pick out" icon to return to the main menu upon completing the Golden Egg level. Tap the "Replay" icon to play the degree once again.

Golden Egg levels may be found by gaining three stars on any specify of levels, locating a golden egg within a particular level or by browsing the "Angry Birds" menu.

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