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The present worth of a lease contract generally refers to the present worth of lease payments on any lease. The present value of lease payments receives inside account the time value of money. This quantity includes the lease payments, all bargain pay for choices also warranted residual value. Some bargain purchase option is an option to acquire the leased great at the end of the lease. Some guaranteed residual value remains the value that the lessee promises the asset will be worth in the closure of the lease. If the asset is valued at less than the guaranteed residual value, the lessee must shell out the difference to bring the asset back to the secured residual value. The lessee's incremental borrowing rate is the attention rate a third party would typically cost that individual lessee based on his credit report. For example, a lease requires 1 web site payments of $2, website website website and has any bargain purchase option regarding $2 web site website and certain residual value of $1 internet site website. The incremental debt rate is 5 percent.

Difficulty: Tolerably Simple

1 Multiply the lease amount by the present value of an annuity factor from the existing value of an annuity table. From the example, $2, website website website times 7.7217, which equals $15,443.4 internet site.

2 Multiply the bargain buy choice and any guaranteed residual value by the present worth about $1 factor on the present value regarding $1 table. Within the illustration, the bargain buy choice is $2 website website times website.6139, which equals $122.78, and the guaranteed residual worth remains $1 internet site website times internet site.6139, which equals $61.39.

3 Add the present value of the lease payments, bargain purchase choice and residual worth to determine the existing worth of the lease. In the example, $15,443.4 internet site in addition $122.78 additionally $61.39 equals $15,627.57.


Wiley: Chapter 22 - Accounting for Leases UTEP: Residual Value plus Bargain Pay for Option


Review Finance: Existing Value of one Annuity Study Finance: Present Value Factors

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