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A charge controller will help keep your solar panel from functioning order.

If you strategy to use solar energy on a large scale, you will need a battery bank regarding deep cycle 12-volt batteries. To keep your battery bank entirely charged and working optimally, you will need to put in a charge controller between the solar panel array and the battery deposit. Without the cost controller, the batteries could overcharge. Overcharging depletes battery life and lead to batteries to leak and even explode. Require care of your solar power system by installing this straightforward mechanism.

Difficulty: Average

Things You'll Need

Charge controller Soldering iron Solder Nuts also bolts Adjustable wrench or socket arrange

1 Find a charge controller that has the correct specifications for your solar panel array. The charge controller must be able to manage the amperage load of your solar array. In several cases any 45-amp charge controller by means of a 50-amp fuse will be acceptable, however it is greatest not to leave it to chance. Consult an electrical professional or some detailed guidebook on constructing solar vitality generators. You can pay for charge controllers away from a selection regarding Web retailers as nicely as local electronic parts stores.

2 Connect the charge controller to your program between the solar panel array plus the battery bank. Depending on the gauge of the existing wiring, you may solder it in location or utilize nuts and bolts to clamp the wires together.

3 Collection the charge controller to turn the electrical present from the solar panels on when the cost of the battery deposit drops below 11.7 volts and to shut the present off whenever the charge regarding the batteries surpass 14.3 volts.

4 Allow the solar array to charge your battery bank normally. Once the system remains charged, you are ready to safely make use of the electricity you experience saved.

Invest in any appropriate cost controller that is will never only avert the solar panels from overloading your battery bank, but will in addition retain the solar array from draining the battery program at night. Mishandled batteries can be dangerous. If you include any doubts about your system, consult some professional.


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