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"Angry Birds," the puzzle game series developed with Rovio Mobile with various mobile and handheld gaming platforms, make available competitors the opportunity to fire birds away from a large slingshot to a range about obstacles. Some levels include secret objectives, want the trophy in degree 12-12 of the original "Angry Birds" game.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


2 Delay for the pieces to stop slipping and then fire your second small bird inside the same course for a bit more force from pulling it back more before releasing it. Once again, tap your screen or press the proper button to split the birds barely before they make contact with the tower. This should destroy any remaining blocks of ice from the center of the tower, leaving a bunch of wood above the opening to the prize.

3 Shoot the last small blue bird along a a bit lower arc to adjust for the change in elevation of your target. Split the bird just before it produces make contact with together with the pile of wood above the prize to eliminate most of the remaining wood.

4 Launch your final bird, the big yellow particular, in the air at about some 3 website-degree perspective at entire force. As the bird begins to descend, tap your screen or press the acceptable key to give him any burst of acceleration through the pile of wood remaining above the hole to bring him down into the prize. His effect should split the trophy and give you the secret golden egg for the level.

Suggestions & Warnings

If you miss a shot, you can restart the level via the pause menu.

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Angry Birds Nest: "Angry Birds" Golden Egg #18 Walkthrough

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