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Payment protection is insurance offered with your credit card company or a third-party supplier. The insurance protects you from having to make the minimum payment on your credit card if you waste your job or if you are injured or sick also may not perform. The charge for the insurance remains usually assessed because any small percentage of your monthly credit card bill. Often the insurance remains provided lacking a charge for a limited era about time after you sign up. To get your credit card company to remove the expense protection insurance, you need to contact your credit card firm or third-celebration insurance provider.

Trouble: Easy


1 Call the client support department of your credit card business. You can find the phone quantity on the back of your credit card or on your monthly credit card declaration.

2 Tell the customer service representative that you would prefer to terminate your credit card's expense protection insurance. The customer service agent might transfer you to another department or give you another quantity to call.

References. Income Protection Insurance.

CapitalOne? : Capital One Online Banking FAQ ChasePaymentProtector? : Payment Protector BankofAmerica? : Credit Protection Plus Credit Card Protection

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