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Tylo first began making saunas in 1951, when its founder was challenged to create a less pricey and much better sauna. Its offerings have since expanded to infrared saunas plus steam showers. Some sauna heater converts electrical power in heat and steam to create the ideal relaxing environment. These components typically run on 22 web site volts of energy. The strength connection has two hot wires: a neutral wire and a ground connection. Wiring your Tylo sauna is simple once you know everywhere to connect the wires.

Difficulty: Average


Things You'll Need

Non-contact voltage detector Wire strippers Screwdriver

Recommend Edits

1 Turn the power off on the home's distribution panel to the circuit you are working on. Confirm the energy is off from touching a non-contact voltage detector to the wire's insulation.

3 Strip 3/8 inches about insulation off the 4 conductors in the 22 web site-volt electrical supply wire, using wire strippers.

4 Loosen the four electrical link terminals with a screwdriver. Insert the green, or bare cable, to the terminal marked "ground" also tighten it down.

5 Insert the white wire into the terminal marked "neutral" also tighten it lower.

7 Question your local making authority to inspect your installation before turning on the power.

These directions are with one special model of Tylo sauna heater. Consult the owner's manual for your unit's correct wiring configuration. Never work around or on reside electrical wires. It takes less than a single amp to stop your heart.

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Tylo: Company Tylo: Directions for Sauna Heaters

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