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Even when the attention rates on reserves accounts plus money market accounts drop to near zero, the interest rates on credit cards can remain stubbornly high. If you are saddled along with high interest credit card debt, it can be almost unattainable to pay off that is debt without some aid. Consolidating your high interest credit card debt can be the very best way to fork out off those credit cards once and for all, and procure off to a fresh start.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

1 Gather your credit cards also credit card declarations. Make any list that includes the balance on each card, along through the interest rate on the card also the minimum monthly expense.

2 Add up what you owe on each card to get the total you need to pay off all of the cards. This is the loan amount you will need to borrow. Resist the desire to borrow additional cash--this could entice you to expend too much.

3 Approach the loan official at your bank or credit union about taking outside a debt consolidation loan. If you own some home, you might be able to make a reduce interest rate by means of using a home equity loan, except keep with mind that is this may put your household in risk if you fail to make the payments on some timely foundation.

4 Complete the loan application and wait for the deposit or credit union to approve it. Make use of the proceeds from the loan to immediately pay off every of your credit cards.

5 Cut up all but one credit card and contact the credit card companies to terminate the accounts. Keep one credit card for crisis purposes, and do not use it with something yet a accurate emergency.


CNN Money: Paying Off Your Debts

credit cards picture by Aleksandr Lobanov away from ;

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