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Radiant heating units give boil in some particular area instead regarding a all over an entire space. The advantage about this heater is that you can have heat only everywhere it remains needed. Most radiant heaters hang from the ceiling to provide heat from above whilst certain may be floor units. Most hanging units come all set for installation with any few pieces about mounting hardware. Heating units occur in electric also gas powered designs. Electrical heaters are best with indoor employ as fuel based designs generate fumes. Contact your local fire division to restrictions using radiant heaters from your area.

Difficulty: Moderately Uncomplicated


Things You'll Need

Measuring tape 4 moderate duty chains of same length S hooks 1/4 inch Screw eyelets Drill Drill bits

Advocate Edits

1 Identify the region to place the radiant heater. There should be some clearance of two feet above the heater, three feet to the wall, and ten feet to the floor.

2 Mark the studs in the ceiling to utilize. Make use of two anchor points, one on either side of the heater.

4 Hang 2 chains from one eyelet using the S hooks. Execute the same for the other part.

5 Attach the chains to the mounting brackets, located on the again of the heater, using the S hooks.

6 Establish awake the proper power resource for your heater. Electric heaters should have cords secured to prevent tugging the unit down.

Tips & Warnings

Use a chain that is is suitable to the weight load. Keep a fire extinguisher close within case of some fire from the heater. Maintain a clear zone all over the heater of at least 2 feet to stop a fire. Keep heaters away from flammable materials. Never depart any heater working unattended.

Suggest item


Marley Engineered Products: Installation & Maintenance Directions U.S. Division of Energy: Radiant Heating

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