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Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels provide the electricity to run other systems.

Some geothermal air-conditioning system, frequently called a geothermal heat tap (GHP), yous an effective and efficient way regarding conditioning the air in a building. A GHP system may provide both cooling also heating at different times about the year. The components of a GHP program -- the compressor, taps, fans and control methods -- all operate on electricity. This power could be provided by solar panels that could also provide electricity for lights and other appliances from the residence -- making the home almost completely energy independent.

Difficulty: Challenging


Things You'll Need

Solar photovoltaic panels Battery charge controller Batteries Copper wire


1 Choose what kind regarding solar power system you want to install. If you yet own an running geothermal heat pump method, then you are linked to a source of electricity, likely the local power company. 1 option is to install a solar photovoltaic, or PV, program that is tied into the power company's electric lines. Called any grid-tie program, this setup allows you to export electricity to the power business any time that the solar panels are generating extra electricity than the house wishes. In several states, there are government programs that supply financial inducements to home-owners who set up grid-link PV programs. The 2nd choice yous any endure-alone PV program that allows you to be completely independent of the power business.

2 If your warm pump system is previously operating on electricity out of the power company, a grid-tie PV method makes impression. It stay away from the need for batteries, an inverter plus web controls, which together would price tag several thousand cash in addition to the cost about the solar panels. It is in addition more flexible. You may design the method to make available only 60 or 70 percent of the electricity your heat tap system requires. The remaining electricity is supplied by the power company. This allows you install a smaller and less-expensive PV program but still carry benefit of subsidies and financial inducements available with your express.

3 If your intent is to put in plus function a geothermal heat pump system run fully on solar energy lacking any link to the power business, you will need added solar panels to furnish enough vitality for the heat tap and the associated equipment in the system. You will in addition need batteries, any inverter and a battery charge controller.

Stand-Alone PV Program

1 Check with some registered supplier of geothermal heat up pumps in your location, and ask for information nearly the electrical power requirements of any GHP system designed for your home. Create down the power in kilowatts (kW), and the method's average daily electricity usage on kilowatt-hours (kWh).

2 Calculate how many solar panels you will need to perform the GHP system. Look at the table given on website. This shows solar insolation from major U.S. cities. Find some metropolis near your position, and write down the regular amount about sun hours per day. Take the figure for the daily electrical consumption about the heat up pump method in kWh and multiply by 1,000 to gain watt-hours. Divide this number with the average hours of sunshine on your place. This gives you an guess of the total power of the solar panels measured in watts.

5 Buy an inverter. You will most likely need on least any 3-kilowatt inverter to run the compressor and the relaxation of the warm up pump system. Connect the DC input of the inverter to the load terminals of the charge controller. Connect the AC output of the inverter to the heat tap and the additional associated electrical equipment.

Tips & Warnings

It will take about any 3-kilowatt solar array to run a 3-ton geothermal heat tap method. That is any major investment in renewable energy. It makes sense initial of all to appear at ways to make your home as vitality-efficient seeing that possible, including the type of heat pump you plan to install. If your home wants to be heated in the winter, look at ways you could use the sun to warm the house immediately. Make sure the house is very well-insulated. Finally, make sure you check away the motivations and tax breaks available away from state govt if you install photovoltaic panels and a GHP system. This solar system will produce significant quantity regarding electrical power. Produce certainly the cables and wiring are correctly sized for the existing they carry. If in doubt, consult a competent electrician.


Solar4Power? : Solar Insolation with U.S.Major Cities DSIRE: Incentives/Policies by State: Incentives/Policies to Renewables & Efficiency Green-Energy-Efficient-Residences: Energy Saving Geothermal Heating and Cooling Vitality Star: Geothermal Heat Taps Important Product Criteria

Photo Credit Solar energy image by lefebvre_jonathan from website ;

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