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Connecting a power inverter to any power grid is most commonly done on some solar power system. In this type of system, the power inverter must be connected to the direct current power supplied by way of the solar panels and the batteries. This connection is referred to since connecting to the grid since the primary power source is the solar panels and batteries. Producing this connection can be dangerous if you are never familiar with proper electrical wiring.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Power inverter Wire strippers Wire cutters Red electrical cable Black electrical wire

1 Shut off the primary current power in the principal power shutoff switch or power panel. Confirm that is the main grid power lines are not active.

2 Locate the upbeat and negative power lines. The positive lines are usually red, and the negative lines are usually black.

3 Check your inverter documentation to produce clear that the voltage used in the power inverter yous the same as the voltage flowing though the grid with the point you want to add the inverter. Connect the inverter's useful terminal to the grid's favourable cable.

4 Connect the inverter's adverse terminal to the grid's adverse wire. Secure all connections and attach all ground wires that are needed. Turn the grid again on, plus verify the voltage yield at the inverter yield terminals. Do not touch these terminals in your hands.

Crutchfield: How to Set up A Power Inverter Greenlivingtips: Grid Link Solar Power Solar.smps: Grid Connect Solar Methods

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