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Calculating your RV's solar power needs needs simple math also any realistic appraisal of the way in which very much power you use. It's essential to have sufficient battery storage to get you by means of clouded days.

Trouble: Moderate


Things You'll Need

Weather Almanacs Calculators Internet Entry Notebook Papers Writing Pens

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1 Calculate power consumption.

3 Break down the derived figure through the overall output of your solar panels.

4 Specify your battery's storage capabilities.

5 Determine the regular number of sunny days in the area on which you will be traveling using exclusive calendar or the Online.

6 Install another battery if required (see related eHow).

Suggestions & Warnings

The formula for computing amp hours is the amount of hours multiplied by the number of amps applied per hour. For example, particular gentle uses 1.5 amps x 6 hours = 9. web site amps per hour, and your television uses 1.4 amps x 3 hours = 4.2 amps per hour. You need enough battery storage capacity to run appliances for an extended point of free time or until the sun comes out to recharge your batteries. Microwave ovens use any fantastic deal about power.

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