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Taking to certain objects in the "Angry Birds" game releases special things, these kinds of since Golden Eggs, or with the case regarding "Angry Birds Rio," some whole new set of levels to play. The Rio levels were introduced with an update away from Rovio on Aug. 2, 2 website11. The Golden Egg found with the seashore ball in "Poached Eggs" will add to your collection of Golden Egg levels.

Difficulty: Moderate


"Angry Birds Rio"

1 Go to Level 6-13 on "Angry Birds Rio."

2 Shoot a cardinal almost right up extremely it lands on the subsequent hill, rolling lower also hitting the golden beach ball.

3 Try the blue bird if the cardinal doesn't work for you. Target virtually vertically and do never tap to multiply the blue bird. It should fall also roll lower the hill, hitting the golden beach ball also unlocking 15 new levels on "Angry Birds Rio."

1 Open "Angry Birds Poached Eggs" to Level 2-2.

2 Shoot the blue bird toward the inverted ice pyramid. Tap to multiply the birds as it starts to fall.

3 Pop the seashore ball to unlock Golden Egg amount four.

"Angry Birds" Aid; "Angry Birds Rio" Golden Beachball Out Today; Aug. 2, 2 website11 "Angry Birds" Unofficial Fan Site; Golden Egg #4 Pop the Beachball

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