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Carefully insert semi-permeable contacts.

Semi-permeable contact lenses represent one of three basic lens kinds, along by means of tough also soft lenses. Soft lenses are the most commonly prescribed lenses on the market today according to Living's facts, while hard lenses remain rare prescription options. Semi-permeable, or gas permeable, lenses are small, stiff lenses commonly used by those with astigmatism or high prescriptions. Such lenses require cautious insertion to steer clear of displacement.

Difficulty: Tolerably Simple


1 Wash plus waterless your hands comprehensively. Location the contact lens on the suggestion of your index finger of your dominant hand.

2 Gently pull lower the bottom of your eyelid with your middle finger about the same hand holding the lens. Use your other hand to gently pull the higher border of your eyelid up toward the eyebrow.

Tips & Warnings

You can correct displacement about lens on the white component about the eye by looking in a mirror to see the lens's precise location. Push the lens gently towards the cornea with the central finger whilst looking direct ahead. Clean the lens through designated solution in placing any drop regarding solution on every side and gently rubbing the lens between the thumb and the index finger with 2 web site seconds. Rinse thoroughly and place in storage container for fresh storage answer. Execute never wear the lens longer than recommended by means of your eye doctor.


Perrett Opticians: Gas Permeable Lenses Life Tips: Kinds Of Contact Lenses Tips


Contact Lenses For Difficult-To-Accommodate Eyes

Photo Credit ballyscanlon/Digital Vision/Getty Images ;

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